Pilot EP

by Charlie Button

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released September 26, 2013

Produced and mixed by Eb7#9
All songs written and performed by Charlie Button
Cover art by Charlie Button




Eb7#9 Albany, New York

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Track Name: Pod
reason seems so faint
logic lives as vague
intentions befuddle my brain
but who am i to blame?

sometimes i feel like an alien when you
people make no fucking sense to me
sometimes i feel like a gentleman when i'm
treating you people with empathy

withheld without grounds, he's drowned in a fog of daze
expelled from the crowd, he's found no out from haze
sometimes you're better off when you're on the outside
some ones, they never thought to figure out why
don't pity the poor hound, he's crowned as the king of strays

reassess your thoughts
analyze the flaws
please don't take me to your leaders
return me to my pod
Track Name: No Damn Mystery
desolation has a familiar taste
but the diet leaves me haggard
"will work for food" in silver face
plastered on the placards
but the jobs crisis menaces
and she's got no position
novels of silent sentences
with no one there to listen

the eyes can't hide the throat
and the lump abides exposed

never underestimate a lonesome man's misery
when the man with whom you're holding hands isn't me
no swans to chase, no strong embrace
why the long face? it's no damn mystery

no one needs a three-legged mare
they get shot for being mediocre
when the winning hand has two pairs
does anyone even see the joker?
with no better half to speak of
the flask appears more empty
moments where i had to speak up
but the tongue just seared with envy
Track Name: You'll Be Proud
there's still more to consider
damned if you're a quitter
if we come out as winners
you'll be proud

we both know how much goes into
making sure this works
but if you go now past what we've been through
it cheapens what we're worth

it's hard to be an optimist
and the end may not be awesomeness
but despite what the outcome is
you'll be proud

if we give up now we'll just be
weighted by regret
but if we give an effort, trust me
we'll be glad we did